Last Updated: 1/24/2021

As we work towards construction of our new theme park village, we will use this page for status updates.


We have multiple plots of land being considered, including our current location which has 70 acres permitted for events. Our wish list includes:

  • Electricity availability.
  • Water / sewage system availability.
  • Not in a flood plain.
  • Not next to an active railroad track.
  • Bacon.

Proposed Features

We would like to complete some of our proposed-but-never-built items from our last project, including:

  • Chapel, to be used for weddings.
  • Royal Court Pavilion.
  • Themed area. We plan to create themed areas similar to theme parks. We had a simple implementation of that at our 2020 event.

If we go with a waterside location, we also want to add:

  • Harbor dock. A waterfront stage location.
  • Gondola rides. Because water.

Design Concepts

We learned so much during our last project, and hope to solve many issues with the next design.

We hope to share village layout ideas as we develop them just like we did when we worked on the previous park. Village 1.0 went through multiple redesigns before being handed over to the architects who did the actual work.

Village 1.0 (3rd revision) by Lynne M and Allen H. (1/30/2005)

Concept Art

Could this be super-secret concept art work?

This part is just for potential investors, for now.

…but here’s a cartoon picture for our 2020 faire that shows some trees and a lake monster.

Work-in-progress cartoon layout for the 2020 event.