Last Update: 8/12/2021

VENDORS: We want you to make money and succeed. We do not require you to sign any agreement limiting where else you can vend in the area. If you are interested in joining, please request a vendor application.

2021 Vendor Spotlight: Luna Creations

Luna Creations – Home of the “wrist wallet!” For all your leather needs. We custom make any product you want for all your cosplay needs. (Facebook)

2021 Village Marketplace

With a turkey leg (or mushy pea fritter, if you must) in one hand, and an ice cold drink in the other (thanks to our pet ice dragon), stroll through the village marketplace for unique craft items, leather goods, art and more.

See also: Food & Drink

Our faire family is growing, with more vendors lined up for 2021 than we had last year – huzzah! We will be making frequent announcements on who is joining us throughout the weeks leading to the faire.

Ames British Foods – Imported grocery items. This familiar name was part of our faire from 2009-2011 at our previous eastside location. Their Ames store expanded and eventually opened a full restaurant location called Mucky Duck Pub (which will also be at this faire). (Facebook)

Amos Fabulous Foods – See our Food & Drink page for details.

Black Scale Leather

Celtic Pied Piper – Glass/feast ware, castle designs.

New for 2021: Daydream Dragons

New for 2021: Daniella’s Water Wagon – Stay hydrated with bottled water for only $1.

The Dragon’s Horde – Fresh from their visit at our sister event, the Nebraska Renaissance Faire!

Swords and other weaponry. Jewelry and fantasy figurines. (Facebook)

New for 2021: Enchanted Beauty – A returning vendor from 2019! Handmade jewelry, upcycled recycled jewelry and new. Some of natural stones, and wood, and leathers, clay and resin.

Faeward Inn – Life like iridescent fairy wings. Meet Bandit the Fairy Fox. (Facebook)

New for 2021: Fairy Floss – See our Food & Drink page for details.

NEW TO DMRF: Indigo Turtle Art – Original, made from scratch porcelain jewelry and accessories.

Porcelain clay is hand formed, and then individually hand painted with under glaze colors. A clear glaze is applied and high fired in the ceramics kiln. Then a mother of Pearl over glaze is applied and fired again. There are three to four firings altogether. (Facebook)

Legendary Carousels – An enchanted carousel with hand carved, wooden creatures. The carousel is operated by a group known as Fairies from the Prairie who help keep the enchantment under control. For charity events, fund raisers and community events. (Facebook)

Little Spaniel’s Crafts – Hand crochet items (shawls to stuffed toys), handmade soap, beard oils, skin and hair oils, wood burned items, and incense. (Facebook)

Luna Creations – Home of the “wrist wallet!” For all your leather needs. We custom make any product you want for all your cosplay needs. (Facebook)

Mikey’s Mayhem – Axe tossing for fun and profit. Fun for you, profit for Mikey!

Mucky Duck Pub – See our Food & Drink page for details.

Obligatory Souvenir Shoppe – Official DMRF items. Operated by Two Bent Needles.

Olde Time Kettle Corn – See our Food & Drink page for details.

We’d like to give a warm DMRF family welcome to a magical new vendor.

NEW TO DMRF: Ollivanda’s Wands – Wands with energy stones, plain or artificial crystals, for kids or adults. (Facebook)

Pickle Cart – See our Food & Drink page for details.

We’d like to welcome one of our newest faire family members. Just wait until you see these creations in person!

NEW TO DMRF: Prairie Bound – Handbound books and journals using a number of different techniques and a variety of looks for the covers: leather, tapestry fabric, hand embroidered papers, and painted paper techniques. Little leather journals that fit onto a necklace. Stop by and look for some brand new items debuting at the Faire! (Facebook)

(Caution: Dr. Practice may be near by.)

Saadja Designs – One of wonderful local vendors returns for 2021!

Specializing in quality belts, Head wear and other accessories utilizing Fair Trade Assuit fabrics from Egypt, Antique Middle east Components, and more combined with Specialty Leather. Wear our pieces in comfort at the Renaissance Faire and on the street afterwards. Each piece is professionally created from scratch and one of a kind. (Facebook) (Etsy)

SkieBorne Art – Traditional artwork in pencil & watercolor, fantasy, animal & Celtic themes. (Facebook) (Website)

One of the biggest hits we’ve ever had at any DMRF since 2004 was Skjordal and their amazing metalwork. They were the ones that took over our “dirt pit” at the entrance last year and turned it into a wondrous garden of art.

Skjordal Powder Coating & Engraving – Artisan designed metal decor, fire places, wood decor, lamps, wall art, coasters, custom-engraved metal drink ware, fantasy weaponry from battle axes to knives, and custom orders on dream weapons for display or cosplay. (Facebook)

Soap Gypsy, The – Although some of us aren’t looking forward to bath time, this place will make the rest of you happy!

Handcrafted Soaps, Salts, Flower Crowns (Facebook)

NEW TO DMRF: Swede Point Creamery – Cheese, lotions and soaps. (Facebook)

NEW TO DMRF: Teeny Treasures – Dragon eggs, treasure boxes and figurines. (Facebook)

Uncle David’s Mini Donuts – See our Food & Drink page for details.

Wandering Hearts – Handmade items such as muffs and hemp bottle holders.

Warmer than Wool – Spinning wheel demo and fiber demo, angora rabbit interaction. (Facebook)

Wolf Den Emporium – Clothing and leather. (Facebook)

New for 2021: Ye Bean & Leaf – See our Food & Drink page for details.

Ye Olde Funny Portraits – Another one of our 2020 vendors joins us again!

Caricatures that are sure to make thee merry! Thy friends and family are sure to have a jolly time as the Funny Portrait Artists renders thy likeness! (Facebook) (Website)

NEW TO DMRF: Yofi Apothecary – All-natural and hand made: Body, lib and hand lotions and butters. Milk bath and regular salts. Solid and roll on perfumes.

…and more expected!