Last Update: 1/13/2021

VENDORS: We want you to make money and succeed. We do not require you to sign any agreement limiting where else you can vend in the area. If you are interested in joining, please request a vendor application.

Early in 2021 we will begin updating this page with details on this Spring’s event.

Of course there is.

Last Year’s (2020) Village Marketplace

With a turkey leg (or mushy pea fritter, if you must) in one hand, and an ice cold drink in the other (thanks to our pet ice dragon), stroll through the village marketplace for unique craft items, leather goods, art and more.

See also: Food & Drink

Demonstrating Merchants (2020)

  • Love Dragons – wire and jewerly
  • Luna Creations – leather
  • Warmer Than Wool – wool carding
  • Wolf Den Emporium – leather
  • Ye Olde Portraits – artwork

Black Scale Leather

Candy’s Creations 4U – Handmade an other unique items in the Steampunk, Fantasy and Renaissance genre. We offer “theme based” selling and enhance many of our products with a back story to make each buying experience a magical event. 

Celtic Pied Piper – Glass/feast ware, castle designs.

DoodleFacesKC – Your skin is our canvas! Fire-breathing dragons, fairies, spiders, crowns…whatever your creativity desires–our painter(s) will add color to your day and bring the faire to life with skin-safe and cosmetics grade professional paints.

Faeward Inn – Life like iridescent fairy wings. Meet Bandit the Fairy Fox.

Heathen Inc – Our Roots are strong and our Branches are Wide. We are Heathen Inc. We offer custom designed clothing, runes, Hammers, Axes, Arm Rings, Heathen Jewelry, books, handmade capes, handmade cloaks, handmade era clothing, Drinking Horns and much more.

Legendary Carousels – An enchanted carousel with hand carved, wooden creatures. The carousel is operated by a group known as Fairies from the Prairie who help keep the enchantment under control. For charity events, fund raisers and community events.

LoveDragons – Items in polymer clay such as fairy houses, bird houses, gnomes, sculpted babies in nests which I call fairies, dragons, garden accessories and other special characters. I also do wire wrapping of jewelry items and garden accessories. In addition I am able to do custom work.

Luna Creations – For all your leather needs! We custom make any product you want for all your cosplay needs.

McNoodle’s Craft Emporium – Don’t be a peasant, get yourself a crown! McNoodle Crafts is home to Mr. & Mrs. McNoodle, the fabulous creators of all kinds of delightful renaissance accessories. Crowns, Jewelry, Wizard and Witch hats, no matter your age or sex you’ll find something to love. See more photos and details on our Facebook page or website!

Mia’s Bodywork & Massage – Massage, Intuitive Healer, Esthetician and Educator, licensed since 2004. I can relieve your tension, stress and emotional baggage. I can determine which trapped emotions and emotion trauma an individual needs to release. Your body, mind and soul will love you. It is my desire to, “Save the world, one body at a time.” (Facebook)

Mikey’s Mayhem – Axe tossing for fun and profit. Fun for you, profit for Mikey!

Saadja Designs – Specializing in quality belts, Head wear and other accessories utilizing Fair Trade Assuit fabrics from Egypt, Antique Middle east Components, and more combined with Specialty Leather. Wear our pieces in comfort at the Renaissance Faire and on the street afterwards. Each piece is professionally created from scratch and one of a kind.

Sir William Rogers, Renaissance Souvenirs – Obligatory souvenir shoppe.

Shop at the End of Time – If I don’t have it, you don’t need it. Children’s and Adult unusual items!

Marbles, marble bags, All sizes leather bags, rabbit fur bags, rabbit fur bags with fox faces, Leather purses with leather faces. Fur Bags, Coyote, skunk, raccoon, opossum, turtle, and badger. Beads, Crow beads, chiprock, freshwater pearl, loose large and small beads. Charms, Loose small and large. Charm necklaces. Chipbead braclets, skull necklaces. Hand cut leather thongs from 3ft to 9ft. Leather vests, Stick Incense and incense holders, Mortors and pestles, in marble, soapstone and wood. Russian nesting dolls, Sage and Sweetgrass. Buttons in Bone shell and pewter. Wire wrapt items. Wire wrapt crystal, many sizes. Earrings-stone, shell, woven, teeth, turtle, feather. Brick Tea,tea balls,tea strainers. Pocket watches, glasses, watchcase dragon eyes. Sterling silver rings and necklaces. Fossils, old padlocks sissors, Sewing needles. Large mens shirts, Dashiki Blouses,Many childrens items Small dragon tears, Lucky lady bugs, Braided braclets, Worry Dolls in pouch, Assorted Elephants. Glass shapes. Bamboo walking sticks, cups and bottles. All sizes glass bottles with corks. Assorted Corks. Mini Brass telescopes and compasses. Harry Potter Jewelry, Lord of the Rings Jewelry, Hunger Games Jewelry, Fans, paper, silk, wood. Wooden Bows and Arrows. Wooden Cross bows. Wooden knives in leather sheath. Wooden swords. Stone and Bone worry stones. Animal teeth and sharks teeth.

Skjordal Powder Coating & Engraving – Artisan designed metal decor, fire places, wood decor, lamps, wall art, coasters, custom-engraved metal drink ware, fantasy weaponry from battle axes to knives, and custom orders on dream weapons for display or cosplay. 

Tente Noire – Leather, wood, jewelry and candles.

Warmer than Wool – Spinning wheel demo and fiber demo, angora rabbit interaction.

Wolf Den Emporium – Clothing and leather.

Ye Olde Funny Portraits – Caricatures that are sure to make thee merry! Thy friends and family are sure to have a jolly time as the Funny Portrait Artists renders thy likeness! (Facebook)

If you offer unique merchandise that you think we need in our marketplace, contact Greg for details on joining us this August. If you are already confirmed, please log in to our Vendor Portal and fill out the information form so we can get you listed in the show guide, website, advertising, etc.