2021 Vendor Application Request

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ask you to sign any agreement that limits where else you can vend. We want you to make money here and at as many other events in the area that you want to. We do not charge for parking, and sell bottled water for $1 so our patrons can have a few extra bucks to spend with you. We are here for our vendors, especially after such a rough 2020 of cancelled shows!

  • We are the oldest Renaissance Faire in town, established in 2004.
  • We brought the first Renaissance Faire to Des Moines in 1993 (and that same event still operates today in Amana Colonies).
  • We do NOT produce any adults-only (21+) events. We are family friendly and ask our vendors to be the same.
  • We do not require you to sign any type of agreement limiting where else you can vend and make money. We love our Faire family!

Vendor Application Request


  1. An Iowa Sales Tax ID is required. (https://tax.iowa.gov)
  2. This is a living history reenactment/entertainment event. Vendors must be in Renaissance-era costumes, and their vending tent decorated similarly (i.e., hiding plastic and modern items under cloth; decorating modern tents; no plastic/vinyl signage; etc.) If you are new to Renaissance festivals, we would love to work with you on signage. Just let us know how we can help!

To receive a vendor application, please complete the following form:

We want to see photos of the type of merchandise you plan to sell, your booth worker costumes, and your tent as it will be decorated for the faire. You can send those to us directly, or provide us with links to your website, storefront or social media site with examples.

We give priority to artisan vendors with hand-crafted items (leather, clothing, etc.). Please describe all the items you would like to sell. We will let you know if we already have too much of a type of category you offer.

Everyone working in your booth must be in Renaissance-era costumes – no exceptions. We do allow related genres such as pirates, fairies, etc. and may offer to place you in a themed area (such as a pirate lair, fairy realm, etc.).

We give priority to vendors in period-style tents. Vendors in modern tents (such as E-Z Up style) are allowed if they can decorate their tent and try to hide plastic, modern poles, etc. Please describe your tent (or let us know if we can see photos on your social media or website).

If you have any additional comments, please share them below.