Kid Friendly, All Day, Open to Close

Our goal is to be kid-friendly, all day, open to close. This means no bawdy acts with parental advisories. No “adult themes.” No foul language. Basically, we want kids to be able to watch any show we offer.

We’ll leave it up to the parents to decide how they feel about their kids seeing people whack each other with swords, juggle fire, and wear tights ;). We understand tight-wearing sword-wielding fire jugglers may not be the best career path role models…

We only produce family-friendly entertainment. We are not the faire that also holds an adults-only event. We are family-friendly open-to-close. You don’t have to leave early to avoid that kind of content because we do not have it.

We ask all our entertainers, vendors, staff and volunteers to be family-friendly. While there may be jokes using innuendo (it is a Renaissance faire after all!), we avoid R-rated humor (foul language, dirty jokes or dirty songs).

Though, as to the innuendo … “it’s not our fault if your kids get the jokes!” (But seriously, we try to keep our content as safe as non-cable broadcast television or radio. Probably safer.)

NOTE: There are other events in our family of festivals that we no longer produce. Those will have their own content and advisories. We can only speak on the events we produce ourselves, and will label them as #Safe4Kids so you can tell them apart.

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