Last Updated: 8/11/2020

TV Appearances

  • 8/4/2020 – Iowa Live (interview) – “Des Moines Renaissance Faire moves to a new location”
  • 8/8/2020 – KCCI – “Des Moines Renaissance Faire continues festivities while following health guidelines”
  • 8/9/2020 – We Are Iowa (ABC 5) – “Des Moines Renaissance Faire goes on amid COVID-19 pandemic”

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Radio Ads

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Posters & Handouts

We have four different poster layouts this year, but all retain the same appearance and general style.

2020 Poster

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Information Audio

Here is a test edit of our extended information audio loop.

TV Ads

  • TBA

Yard Signs

Biking Jerseys

We were going to order DMRF biking jerseys to wear while riding the trails to promote our Bike to the DMRF event. But then Covid happened. Factories closed down, and by the time things started back up, there wasn’t enough time to get them. Maybe 2021…