Northside Location

West of Saylorville behind Puttmasters At The Pines:
2977 NW 66th Ave
Des Moines IA 50313

May 14-16, 2021

Friday 4:30-8:30
Saturday 10:30-7:30
Sunday 10:30-5:30

Last Update: 1/27/2021

ENTERTAINERS: We want you to make money and succeed. We do not require you to sign any agreement limiting where else you can perform in the area. If you are interested in joining, please submit your information.

Early in 2021 we will begin updating this page with details on this Spring’s event.

Last Year’s (2020) Entertainment


Can’t decide which day(s) to attend? Extra days are just $3, and here is our current entertainment schedule. Maybe that will help…

Meet the Royals

Stulto Mori – Welcome to the wacky world of Renaissance run Amok! Mix one flirty Queen, one loud-mouthed King, and a whole mess of crazy characters for seasoning. And Voila!

Special Presentation

A MidSummer Night’s Romance – An original Shakespearean story by Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA, Artistic Director of the Iowa Shakespeare Experience. (Facebook)

On Stage

Captain Rapier Wit – Pirate jokes and fire? Sure, why not!

Crazy Boy Coy – As seen at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire, Crazy Boy Coy returns! (Photo from the Nebraska Renaissance Faire)

Guardians of the Black Forest – A German mercenary group that performs un-choreographed live steel combat shows. You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as our combatants risk life and limb to prove who is the deadliest cutthroat in the arena after the dust settles join these mercenaries at their camp to hear tales of daring deeds and even get a lesson from your favorite hero.

Gypsy Tales – Tales from around the world that aren’t often heard. Told by the Gypsy Brothers Huginn and Muninn.

Kitten Bomb Comedy – Kitten Bomb Comedy formed in 2016 by a group of cast members at Last Laugh Comedy in West Des Moines, Iowa. Kitten Bomb soon became a mainstay at the 4th Street Theater in downtown Des Moines where they became known for their “Hannah Montana” montage form.”

Marvelous Matt – From the Kansas City Renaissance Festival: Marvelous Matt’s show is fun for all ages and includes standards of magic performed with a historic twist as well as some effects designed to surprise and confuse. Marvelous Matt has performed at renaissance festivals around the Midwest for the past 25 years and is known for magic illusions big and small plus sideshow feats including walking on glass and straight jacket escape.  Find out more at pastmagic.biz or Facebook @Marvelous.Matt.Magic

Pog-Mo-Thon – Our pub band from the Nebraska Renaissance Faire.

Tribal Muse – Fusion Style Belly dance Troupe from Central Iowa. Fusion means we incorporate elements of Traditional dance forms and fuse them with modern bits and pieces. We love to mix Medieval music with Flamenco style skirt work, serious and not so serious Sword moves, a touch of Bollywood or perhaps a veil or fan, all fused with Classic Bellydance shimmies, hip and torso movements.

Warwick Living HistoryWarwick Living History is a Medieval/Renaissance re-enactment group that stays in a period encampment & demonstrates several historical arts and sword fighting techniques to the public.

In The Lanes

Bubble Man

Captin Tipsy ‘n Dipsy & Deadly Blue – Always keeping an eye on things. Usually your things. (They were part of our KidsFest 2020 crew earlier this year.)

“Captain” J.P. Boyd (Legendary Pirate) – Our yellow “pirate” returns. Whether he’s singing the “Standing in Line” song, or the “Turkey Leg Song”, he’s probably somewhere singing. Too bad he’s not a musical act. Here is latest annoying song on YouTube or Facebook. (Also part of our KidsFest 2020 crew.)

Celtic Pied Piper – Heralding with the Highland pipes.

Claire Up There – Claire Up There is one of a few professional female stilt walkers in the Midwest. Starting at the age of 7, the now 19-year-old stands just under 11 feet tall and brings interactive characters to the lanes of the festival.  Be it a friendly fairy princess or a peg-leg pirate, Claire Up There is head and shoulders above the crowd! Find her on Facebook and Instagram @ClaireUpThere

Kurtis – This seven foot tall (!) visitor bears a remarkable resemblance to the famous wizard Gandlaph the Grey (or White).

Pope Malarky – The First Irish Pope is an award winning crowd favorite. Know worldwide, he is bringing his hilariousPapal Indulgences for young and old alike. And he also conducts vow renewals and weddings, I do, I do, I DO!!! (Yes, he is ordained!)