Last Update: 8/12/2021

ENTERTAINERS: We want you to make money and succeed. We do not require you to sign any agreement limiting where else you can perform in the area. If you are interested in joining, please submit your information.

2021 Schedule

Can’t decide which day(s) to attend? We have free parking and extra days are only $3. Check out our entertainment schedule and pick your favorite days(s). Our entertainers greatly appreciate your support!

2021 Meet the Royals

Stulto Mori – Welcome to the wacky world of Renaissance run Amok! Mix one flirty Queen, one loud-mouthed King, and a whole mess of crazy characters for seasoning. And Voila! (Facebook)

2021 Edutainment Presentations

Look for a variety of special presentation throughout the day, from historical lessons, to artisans discussing their craft.

Warwick Living History – Expanded encampment for 2021! Warwick Living History is a Medieval / Renaissance re-enactment group that stays in a period encampment & demonstrates several historical arts and sword fighting techniques to the public. (Facebook)

2021 Photo Opportunites

Take a “head shot” in Madam G, the Irish Pope’s Guillotine. Sit on the thrown with the Guardians of the Black Forest. Pose with a dragon near the Celtic Piper. See what you’d look like in leather armor at Luna Creations. Meet a wizard in the forest.

New photo opportunities will be around the village, just waiting for your Instagram account to find them.

2021 Stage Entertainment

Returning favorites and new acts for 2021. There may even be some “new” acts that might seem quite familiar…

Special Presentation: Dance-a-Cross – A special dance presentation for our King and Queen. One performance only (Saturday at 2:30 p.m.)

Albrecht Von Aachen – Master recorder minstrel.

Bess & Marley – Lady Bess, a runaway aristocrat, has enlisted the help of ragtag traveling bard Marley to become a musical sensation!  When the rest of their 12-piece band fails to appear for their debut concert, Bess & Marley must band together (pun intended) to save the day.  Mayhem and hilarity ensue, including folk songs emphasizing strong vocals, tight harmonies, and comedy!

Captain Rapier Wit – Pirate jokes and fire? Sure, why not!

Dimitri the Mage – Magic.

D.R.U.M. Jam – Improvisational percussion sessions.

Dulcimer Master Reggie – Hammered dulcimer mini-concerts.

Guardians of the Black Forest – Find them in our all-new Black Forest area! A German mercenary group that performs un-choreographed live steel combat shows. You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as our combatants risk life and limb to prove who is the deadliest cutthroat in the arena after the dust settles join these mercenaries at their camp to hear tales of daring deeds and even get a lesson from your favorite hero. (Facebook)

Gypsy Twin Tales – Tales from around the world that aren’t often heard. Told by the Gypsy Brothers Huginn and Muninn.

Peter the Daredevil Juggler – Peter’s show is a high energy fire show with impressive feats of juggling, danger stunts, and dad jokes. Peter’s show features nearly impossible feats like blindfold knife juggling on a balance board and fire juggling on a tight rope. This is a show you do not want to miss!

Romeo & Juliet – An original Shakespearean story by Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA, Artistic Director of the Iowa Shakespeare Experience. (Facebook)

Tribal Muse – Fusion Style Belly dance Troupe from Central Iowa. Fusion means we incorporate elements of Traditional dance forms and fuse them with modern bits and pieces. We love to mix Medieval music with Flamenco style skirt work, serious and not so serious Sword moves, a touch of Bollywood or perhaps a veil or fan, all fused with Classic Bellydance shimmies, hip and torso movements.

…with some extra special surprises we won’t be listing on the website just yet.

In The Lanes

Special Guest: Dr. Practice, Plague Doctor – Her friends call her Mal. Her diagnosis is to die for.

Special Guest: Nurse Appleburn – Assisting Dr. Practice, her bedside manner is to die for.

Special Guest: Harold the Herald & Wat – He’s loud. Need I say more? (No, because he will. Loudly.) And yes, this is the same Harold the Herald that was with us in 2006 at our previous east side location. Welcome back, Harold!

Bubble Man

“Captain” J.P. Boyd (Legendary Pirate) – Our yellow “pirate” returns – but only because we haven’t been able to get him to leave since he joined us in 2004. Whether he’s singing the “Standing in Line” song, or the “Turkey Leg Song”, he’s probably somewhere singing. Too bad he’s not a musical act. Here is latest annoying song on YouTube or Facebook.

Celtic Pied Piper – Heralding with the Highland pipes. Drop by his vendor booth and get a photo with his dragon, too!

Fae Queen of the May – Find her enchanting our newly expanded Fairytale Forest area. And likely causing trouble with the nearby pirates.

Gandalph – This seven foot tall (!) stranger bears a remarkable resemblance to the famous wizard Gandlaph the Grey (or White). Find him hanging out near the hobbit hole in our newly expanded Fairytale Forest area.

Lady Stefanie d’Flute – After a few years away, we are pleased to have our long-time flautist back with us.

Pink Flamingo Crew (Captin Tipsy ‘n Dipsy ‘n Ritzy & Deadly Blue) – Find them in our new Flamingo Fun Forest with family-friendly activities and games. Come meet their newest member!

Pope Malarky – The First Irish Pope is an award winning crowd favorite. Know worldwide, he is bringing his hilarious Papal Indulgences for young and old alike. And he also conducts vow renewals and weddings (yes, he is ordained). Be sure to stop by and have a chat with he and Sister Shamrock.

Lady Lochland – Reading stories all day long in our newly expanded Fairytale Forest area. (Shown here during our Des Moines Children’s Museum visit.)


  • Brad the Carousel Captain
  • Mistress Annabelle (Long), strolling singer
  • Sir Jamison Rooke, Lord High Mayor 
  • Sir MacAllen Rooke, Lord High Magistrate
  • Gianni Derecho, D.R.U.M.  Jam master

…and some extra special surprises we won’t be listing on the website just yet.

Photos from 2020