Northside Location

West of Saylorville behind Puttmasters At The Pines:
2977 NW 66th Ave
Des Moines IA 50313

May 14-16, 2021

Friday 4:30-8:30
Saturday 10:30-7:30
Sunday 10:30-5:30

Last Updated: 8/11/2020

See you in 2021!

A few tips for surviving the plague…

The King requests you remain six feet away.

“Ten times the length of a turkey leg, will help us all to avoid the plague.” – Jeff Quinn

While the Black Plague may be historically accurate, we’d like to avoid having any type of recreation of it at our faire. Here are some of the guidelines we are using, following similar ones being used at Living History Farms, Adventureland, Iowa State Fairgrounds “Taste of Fair Food” and other large outdoor public gatherings.

Extended Hours

For those wanting less crowds, on Saturday we will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 pm. Consider visiting during the later half of the day to avoid the morning crowds. (I suppose this won’t work if everyone did it…)

Stay home if you are sick.

Sick? Catch us next time!

This one is simple. We love you, but don’t love your cold. Stay home if you are sick, and focus on getting well rather than turkey legs. You can join us next time.

Stay home if you are high risk.

We love having you as a patron, and we want you to join us for years to come. If you are in the high risk categories for the Covid-19 disease, large public gatherings may not be the place for you. Social distancing is a great concept, but it’s difficult for everyone to adhere to at all times. If you visit, people will be near you.

Masks are allowed and encouraged, but not required when you can social distance.

This entry could change tomorrow, so check back for the latest updates.

Individual merchants may have their own policies about requiring masks, similar to how different businesses in a strip mall might.

The faire itself will be spread out with plenty of room for social distancing. But since folks may cluster when in line for a turkey leg or to use the privies, consider having a mask handy for those situations. We will have reminder signs throughout the faire, and markers on the ground, as well.

Living History Farms enacted a mask policy when inside buildings or on the tractor. They clarified their outdoor policy in a response on Facebook: “…, we understand your concerns, especially during the recent hot weather. It is within the policy to remove masks when outdoors and socially distanced from other parties.” We are spacing out our faire this year to allow extra social distancing.

Wear a mask if you want us to stay away from you.

We will be reminding our entertainers and staff to try to stay socially distant from anyone wearing a mask. Entertainers will be encouraged not to “volunteer” anyone wearing a mask. If you want to be interacted with, just let us know it is okay to do so. Since years of interacting is hard to un-learn, when one of us forgets, please just let us know you’d rather keep your distance. This may be the only time you can visit a Renaissance faire and get us to leave you alone 😉

Space … is big.

Our social distancing signs.

Renaissance faires are, by design, an interactive and social experience. You can see stage performances anywhere, but the special one-to-one interactions with street characters is unique part of the Renaissance faire experience.

That said, we are planning a few changes:

  1. Booths will be spread out. As much as we’d love to have wall-to-wall merchants and create a busy environment, we will be spacing out our merchants considerably. We apologize in advance for the extra walking this will incur.
  2. Stage seating will be spread out. We will not be doing our typical large bench seating this year. We will have some picnic tables at each locations for use by groups, and small individual benches in some areas. You may bring your own seating if you desire. Just keep in mind, other people want to watch the show too, so yard chairs with large backs or shade canopies are probably not the best way to make people happy. We apologize in advance for any standing this will incur.
  3. One way paths. Wandering the village is part of the fun, but we may implement one-way paths if needed by crowd levels.

Merchant interactions.

All of our merchants (and performers) should be aware of the standard CDC guidelines and recommendations. However, merchants and performers are outside, independent entities participating in this event. Just like different stores in the mall do, our merchants will have differing levels of guidelines.

Some may wear masks, while others may just keep distant. Our portrait artist even said he may bring a plastic shield to position between him and his subjects. Our face painter is going to do more body painting (arms and such). If you are not comfortable with a merchant’s guidelines, they should understand. There are other merchants that would love to have your business.

Remember: They all want you to feel comfortable browsing their products and, most importantly, spending money with them. Most have had little (or no!) business so far this year. They really need your financial support.

To be continued…

Be sure to check this page daily for updates.