Words and music (C) 2021 by Allen C. Huffman.

Latest Update:

  • 5/10 – Tweaked “we hope you all have a ball” to match new signs.
  • 5/11 – Added Guardians verse. Added chords to verse and chorus lyrics.
DMRF Closing Gate Song (music demo). Arranged and scored by Stavros Stavrou.
Hastily done vocals with bad singing by J.P. Arranged and scored by Stavros Stavrou.
Guitar demo with no vocals for practicing your own verses. Learn from this one since this may be what it sounds like if we can’t find an actual guitar player.

Verse Chords:

G D Em C C G D D
G D Em C C D G G

Chorus Chords:

C C G G A A D D7

Verse 1:

(G) Lords and Good (D) Ladies, (Em) lend us your (C) ear.
(C) We have a (G) few things to (D) share.
(G) Friendship and (D) family, (Em) Laughter and (C) feasting, is…
(C) …better with (D) people that (G) care.

Intro Chorus: (only sung the first time)

(G) Your…
(C) friend-ship means-the (G) world-to us. We’re…
(C) …glad – you’re in – our (G) lives.
(C) Ev-‘ry thing – we (G) do – all day.
(A) Is more fun with you by our (D) sides… (D7)

Verse 2:

Six-teen great seasons, since two thousand four.
We hope to share many more.
Rain, sun and flooding, Derechos and Covid, It’s…
…you we do all of this for!

Chorus (repeats after each verse from now on):

Thank thee, we thank thee.
Gramercy to one and all.
Thank thee, we thank thee.
We hope you all had a ball!

Verse 3:

Lads and the Lasses, Wenches and pirates,
We raise our tankards to you. (Huzzah!)
Nobles and peasants. Fairies and Trekkies*,
We give you all three cheers, too!

Repeat Chorus

Ending Verse:

Closing gate is sad. You have to leave us.
We wish this day would not end. But..
…if you don’t go home, we can’t look forward, to…
…seeing you back here again.

Repeat Chorus several times.

Backup Verses:

Or, if folks want to join in with their own versus, we can do verse/chorus/verse/chorus until we run out…

Guardians of the Black Forest contributed:

what makes the grass grow, and what makes the blood flow, and
what makes our chest fill with pride? But…
blood in the grasses and steel in our asses, and
having you come watch us fight!

Tribal Muse verse:

We love to jingle, and dance with our Scimitars*.
We know that you like to look.
Don’t be a stranger. Find us on Facebook!
Please share the pictures you took!

* a short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point, used originally in Eastern countries.

“Captain” J.P. Boyd’s verse:

I went to the tavern. Then went to the tavern.
Some say that the tavern’s my home. If you..
…went to the tavern, saw me at the tavern.
Glad I was not drinking alone!